Late 16th century Venetian woman’s ensemble, after Cesare Vecellio’s Degli Habiti Antichi et Moderni (1598) | stuffed bumroll and cotton under-petticoat with grosgrain piped stiffened hem; satin petticoat with Indian guards and grosgrain piped stiffened hem; gauze smock with bobbin lace standing collar, cuffs and sleeves inserts; vintage damask gown lined in cotton with fully boned bodice and spiral side lacing, front split skirt with grosgrain piped stiffened hem; tied sleeves with antique metal ribbons and cord loops, brass aiglets and buttons; antique bullion tasseled girdle; freshwater baroque pearls and brass enamelled grotesque pendant; wired fan/face screen covered in vintage cut velvet after a Florentine original mid-‘500 pattern; 17th century ecclesiastical cotton/linen trim; antique silk/metal bobbin lace; wood/leather chopines with pewter studs and silk tassels.

© FABER•FAB 2018




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