Born in Palermo in 1989, based in Milan (IT), PhD in History of Arts (University of Venice) specialized in Ancient Greek Theatre, as craftsman and performer investigates and puts into action and context Ancient Performance in its whole spectrum, from acting to dance, from singing to costume.

Practiced theatre with Rinaldo Clementi in Bagheria (Palermo). Sung Renaissance and Baroque music as a Countertenor within madrigal and choral ensembles in Milan, Urbino, Venice, and played the Baroque Opera Castrato Giovanni Battista Minelli in the documentary “Vivaldi – Meister der vier Jahreszeiten” (2019, Eike Schmitz – Atlantis Film, Berlin, ZDF-ARTE). Studies Early Dance in Milan with Letizia Dradi specializing in Danza del Quattrocento, Nuovo Stile Italiano and Belle Danse Française with masterclasses in Genoa, Gradara (Pesaro-Urbino), Isola Dovarese (Cremona), Saronno (Varese) and performances in Verona, Genoa, Milan, Bologna, Venice. Cooperates as a performer with “Atelier Pietro Longhi” (Venice).

With the label FABER·FAB, since 2015 develops his self-taught search path on period clothing for the contemporary performer, focusing mainly on European Renaissance and Baroque Fashion and intending the costume the first space for the body to settle in, the very meeting ground between actor and character. By means of historical accuracy in sources, materials and techniques, carefully interpreted towards present times, he is a creator of “Material Ghosts” able to retain and deliver a cluster of movements, gestures and expressions which leads the informed wearer to effectively reenact by-gone identities.

As a costume designer and historical tailor, works on bespoke commissions for selected clients and cooperates with performance productions, cultural activities and exhibitions in Italy and abroad: among his most recent works, the theatre/movie productions La donna che abita la montagna (2020, dir. Francesco Foletto, Indie Volpe) and “Les Incas du Pérou” (2022, ANAGOOR – Kublai Film, Sagra Musicale Malatestiana), the fashion show “Court of Velvet and Pearls” (2021, Nomina Rosae, Kraków, Wawel Royal Castle), and the exhibition “MediceaManiera – Fashion in Florence, 15th-17th century” (2022, Florence, Museo de’ Medici).