Second-half 16th century man’s double ensemble | cotton shirt, collar and wrist ruffs edged with hand-tatted lace; padded doublet in velvet lined in satin, with slashed sleeves and damask faux undersleeves, synthetic pearls ouches, woolen ribbons with brass aiglets; velvet half-compass cape with stiffened collar, lined in satin, with antique metallic bobbin lace trim, freshwater pearls and vintage clasp; paned padded woolen trunk hoses, lined in satin, with knee-lenght canions; heavily padded woolen doublet with high standing collar, lined in satin, with self-fabric covered buttons and slashed sleeves;  set of linen collar and cuffs edged with handtatted  lace; woolen cap with darted crown.

© FABER•FAB 2018

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